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Bo Weber "California Babe"
Get your FREE DOWNLOAD of California Babe at Purchase the Official Cali Babe Crop Top & necklace at Film: Thuan Dang Edited: Bo Weber Intro Animation: David Mudd Mix/Master: Adam Morgan A big thank you to Emily Martel, Maxeem Young, Dalton Gaudin & Erik Blume! Lyrics: She’s driving three thousand miles with the wind in her hair Doesn’t know where she’s going Not a care in the world Like to you know you wish you could She’s got a real chill Hollywood Hills sorta’ feel to her Saved up money to buy those wheels; Do-er. People back home vicariously livin’ through her Ex-boyfriends acting like they still knew her She’s a California babe She’s a California lady (x4) She’s got her bags packed & never once looked back As she cruised across the other side of the tracks The sun sticking to her skin like bubble gum She put 5 dollars in a jar every week Kept her tongue in her cheek Waited until she had enough dough to leave She slipped away with the keys while her dad was asleep And left a note that said if you need me I’ll be in cali She's got a real built Ford tough truck attitude to her Cut Jeans, she's the epitome of American girls If you thought she caught you staring, you were If you want her don't bother this daughter will never be yours.
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10.08.2015 (2679 days ago)
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