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Ammon and Liahona Olayan - Pray to God (Official Music Video)
Utah siblings Ammon (19) and Liahona (18) Olayan are enjoying huge success ever since their original song “Listen To My Heart” (now called “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone”) debuted last year on the ever-popular television show, American Idol! Their performance in front of the judges concluded with a standing ovation from Luke Bryan, earned praise from each of the Idol judges, garnered over 11.4 million views, and launched their success on the show. Now the multi-talented pair are about to release their first single entitled "Pray to God" from their highly anticipated album of self-penned originals called "Gotta Move On". They are also gearing up for an American Idol Alumni Tour in October! Pray To God: Written about the struggles she endured while sharing a room with her younger sister, Liahona heartfully describes her willingness to suffer through the trials for someone she loves and cares for deeply, no matter how much that person constantly hurts her feelings. Encouraging listeners to never give up on the people that matter most in their lives, Liahona articulates how her plea to God for help ultimately saved her relationship with her sister and how in the end love and family prevailed. Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artist Instagram: Artist Spotify: Artist Itunes: EPK URL/Link Label: Independent TRT: 4:11 ISRC: QZS7J2260643 Song IPI or Work ASCAP # 914788186 Songwriter(s): Liahona Olayan Songwriter(s) IPI Number(s): ASCAP #1050654978 Song Publisher(s):AMMONLIAHONA Song Publisher(s) IPI Number(s): ASCAP# 1035327588
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07.22.2022 (438 days ago)
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