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Vision, Mission, Objectives & Values


Vision: This is the broad goal which you want to achieve, a statement of your strategic intent - a picture of the future. For example, if your company is to provide Cloud-based internet services in Bangkok, your vision could be: "To provide the cheapest and fastest Cloud internet connectivity in Bangkok."

Mission: A mission statement should identify the core values to which the business is committed, the core purpose of the firm, and visionary goals which the business will pursue to fulfil its mission. The mission should mirror the vision, and elaborate on what shall be done to realise the vision. Using the example above, an appropriate mission would be, "Strive to offer cheap and first quality internet connectivity by investing in the latest technology and innovation."

Objectives: These are the pre-set goals which the company should achieve. The objectives are grouped into two categories.

I.) Short term objectives: These are the goals which the business should achieve within the first year following business commencement; and

II.) Long term objectives: These are goals which the business should achieve within five years after business commencement.

Values: These are the principles, morals and ethics which the business strives to uphold. For example, how the business is committed to customer satisfaction and how it practices a culture of excellence.


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