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Using Promotional Pens to Help Save Dolphins

 My wife and I just adopted a dolphin.We received some literature in the mail that included two lightweight promotional pens, a keyring, and horrifying details about the plight of dolphins around the world.The barrels of the pens have contact information for the organization that sent them to us, and the caps feature a dolphin motif.Dolphin Pen

Given that it clearly contained something other than a flyer or promotional letter and also had a picture of a dolphin on the envelope, I was curious to see what was inside the unsolicited mail. Ordinarily, I would have thrown it in the trash without even opening it.We showed our children all of the information and talked to them about the adoption.They adore the promotional pens and tell their schoolmates about their acquisition and their origins.However, they are arguing over the key ring that is transparent and contains a whale image.I wished I had two of those as well.

Jenny is the name of the dolphin we have adopted. She is a common bottlenose dolphin that lives near Gibraltar, off the coast of Spain.We adopted her because we think the charity is good and making progress in protecting the world's oceans and preventing the extinction of some of the world's most beautiful animals.We have evidence in the form of maps and information about the pod that includes our particular dolphin.

The promotional pens that were sent to us aren't very good, but the fact that they make other people aware of these creatures' plight because they are so unusual makes them useful.I've thought about asking the charity to give a talk at the school so that more parents can adopt dolphins because all the kids want one.

This serves as an excellent model for other charities to consider.We see charity ads on television frequently, and we have no idea how much they cost to make.Sadly, they are frequently inserted in between advertisements for suing someone if you've had an accident at work, which is an annoying encouragement for the further expansion of a compensation culture;and an advertisement claiming that you can now get your money back from someone after being offered financial services you shouldn't have.You get up to make a drink as soon as the advertisement for compensation seeking begins, and hopefully that will have taken long enough for you to miss the financial services blurb.As a result, charitable advertisements rarely appear.

Although the promotional pens did not influence my decision to adopt the dolphin, they did make me open an envelope that I might have otherwise discarded.Along with my children, they are also out there encouraging others to do the same.

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