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Hands Massage Therapy: How to Give Great Hand Massages 


Hands massage therapy is a straightforward but extremely beneficial practice that you can perform on yourself or on other people. The benefits of hands massage therapy and how to give great hand massages are discussed in this article.


A person's hands are one of the first things that people notice, after their face. Because of this, a lot of people can become quite self-conscious about how their hands look. Have you ever noticed that a person's hands can reveal their true age while their face may appear very young? However, the youthful and healthy appearance of a person's hands could also be maintained if they took the same care of them as they did of their face.


In addition to being very relaxing, hand massage therapy will help you keep your hands healthy. But first, here are some routine general hand care steps that you should do on a daily basis.


Hand Hygiene: o Wash your hands thoroughly every day.Buy Hand massager


o Use a sisal brush or another natural scrubber. In addition to exfoliating the skin, this draws blood to the surface to nourish it and encourages cell regeneration.


o Nail care: trim and file nails frequently, and whenever necessary, clean under the nails.


o Use a hand cream or lotion on your hands at least once a day. I use Sorbelene, a cream that is one of the best, one of the cheapest, and highly recommended by podiatrists. Don't fall for marketing nonsense and buy expensive hand creams you don't need.


o Yes, these things also need to be done by you guys. Even if you have to do it in private, don't neglect taking care of your hands for the sake of their health because "real men don't do that."


Benefits of Hands-On Massage Therapy o Extremely beneficial and easy to perform.


o Extraordinary method for exhibiting care for other people.


o You can do for yourself almost anywhere and at any time.


o Helps keep joints versatile.


o Improves blood flow to the hands.


o Strengthens the hands.


o Aids in skin rejuvenation.


How to Give Great Hand Massages o To begin, place about a half teaspoon of vegetable oil or another massage oil in the palm of the recipient's hand and spread it out using light strokes to cover the entire hand.


o With the palm facing up, support the hand with your fingers underneath and use both thumbs to move away from each other, starting at the midline.


o With one hand on the receiver's hand, move each finger in turn to the left and right, up and down, and in a circular motion throughout its range of motion.


o After that, repeat with the thumb, noting that it has a wider range of motion.


o When performing the fingers and thumb, use your thumb and finger tips to "grip" the finger for a short time, applying pressure, releasing, and repeating while moving the finger down at 1 cm intervals. This is done to make more blood flow; You are essentially encouraging fluid movement. You aren't really working muscle; The arms contain nearly all of the muscles of the hands. The hand is prevalently comprised of bone, ligaments, fat, nerve and veins.


o The next step is to turn the hand over, and the four long metacarpal bones can be felt beneath the skin. Lift the adjacent metacarpals independently of one another by grasping them with both hands. Do this with each and every metacarpal.


o Then, at that point, utilizing delicate strokes knead the oil into the rear of the hand and knuckles. Since this is a particularly bony region, this is primarily for the skin's benefit. Keep in mind that this area's skin "ages" more quickly than many other parts of your body because it is frequently exposed to sunlight. The back of the hand will remain youthful if it is massaged on a regular basis with high-quality oil.


While giving a 'self' hand rub treatment, you are clearly confined with what you can do. You can, however, easily modify each step and apply it to yourself after practicing the aforementioned with others.


Massage therapy for the hands is extremely enjoyable for the person receiving it, and if you give it to yourself, it becomes a simple habit that is extremely beneficial to your hands' health and appearance. Give yourself or someone you care about great hand massages by following the steps above.

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