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Eye fitness Exercises (Eye Fit By

To cure certain types of eye conditions and to boost vision various people think that eye fitness exercises can help. Whereas out there you can get few proofs of these problems. But some trusted sources suggest that exercise of the eye to gain fitness can increase your vision, boost eye strain, overall well-being and specific eye situations. Individuals who have eye problems such as digital eye strain can get help from eye fitness exercises. Eye fitness exercises can be effective for various problems like myopia, dyslexia ,visualfield deficits following brain trauma , etc.

Here are some eye fitness exercises that you can find beneficial for any eye condition.

1. Eye movements : Close your eyes and gradually move your eyes up and down. Keep repeating this three times and start repeating the eye to the left and the right.

2. Pencil push-ups : At arm's length keep a pencil and in between the eyes. Stare at the pencil for a while and slowly move the pencil towards the nose. Keep the pencil at the nearest point where it is a single picture and repeat it 20 times.

3. Figure 8 : You need to concentrate on a potion on the ground over eight feet far and start moving your eye in the shape of figure eight. Repeat for 30 seconds doing figure eight and switch the portion anti-clockwise.

4. Brock string : Hold one end of the string and attach another to a motionless object. Keep one bead on the string. If you find two strings and the bead in the shape of X it implies that your eyes are working well. You must stay in contact with a consultant if you experience any sort of symptoms such as loss of vision, eye pain, eyelid swelling, headaches linked with eye indications, red eyes, blurred vision, double vision and sensitivity to light these are severe troubles in the path of eye fitness.

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