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Buy vintage barber stations & Old School barber furniture

Everyone has their favorite barbershop. Whether you grew up with one, or it's your first time getting a haircut, there are certain things that make each place unique. One thing that all great barbershops have in common is the equipment used to give customers their haircuts. From vintage chairs to modern modular stations, we have everything you need for your own shop!

Vintage barber stations- The names and faces have changed, but the old-school barber chairs and equipment continue to charm clients. Your clientele is a mix of generations- young kids getting their first buzz cut, retired men coming in for their weekly shave, and teenage girls wanting the latest styles. Keeping that warm nostalgic feeling while staying current with the changing styles seems like an unattainable balance until you visit the main page of our website. We can help you offer your clients both in one comfortable setting that puts them at ease.

If you're looking for vintage barber chairs or other types of vintage accessories for your shop or home décor this is exactly what we want to see! We know how hard it can be to find quality furniture online so if there's anything else that needs updating let us know so we can make sure to add it to our list as well!!

Old School Barber Furniture- We specialize in vintage barber shops and offer everything you need to build it from the ground up. If you are looking for a specific type of vintage chair or station, we are happy to work with you to help you create the vision you want. We have everything from authentic antique chairs to brand-new modular stations that can be customized with your choice of the front facade. Whatever your vision is for your business, we can make it happen.

Our modular stations are built on tough steel frames and designed to hold up under heavy use while still being easy to move if needed later on down the road (or even if they’re not). They feature open backs so they look great even when empty; this allows air ventilation under each seat so customers feel comfortable getting their hair done in our shop! Our barber chairs also have leather armrests for added comfort during treatment sessions.

Vintage Barber Stations - For optimal efficiency in your shop, we recommend going with a vintage barber station. They will look authentic and classy but offer superior functionality to traditional barber stations. Our vintage barber stations are made using modular designs so they can be reconfigured in almost unlimited ways to fit your available space and allow access as needed without hassle or discomfort for customers or employees. This unique feature also makes these stations easy to move if needed, while still holding up well under heavy use.

Vintage Barber Stations vs Traditional Barbershops: If you're looking for the best way to keep your customers comfortable during their visit then you'll want something that's both modern and elegant at the same time! A traditional barbershop can be very nice but it isn't always practical when it comes down to having enough room for everyone who may come through - this is why many people prefer going with one of these newer models instead; they allow more passengers per visit which means less waiting times too!




We hope that this article has given you some insight into the benefits of vintage barber chairs and stations and how they can fit the needs of your clientele. Whether it's a single chair or an entire shop set up, we have plenty of options to suit any budget range. If you're looking for something unique or vintage-style in your barber shop, check out our selection today!

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