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3 Tips On Maintaining Hair Extension In Summer Day

Summer days make people feel hot. If your hair tends to be fizz or even in a mass, you may be crazy in scorching weather. Hereby we would like to introduce you several tricks on how to maintain Brazilian wavy hair in summer day.

A lazy woman can also enjoy the unique beauty with shiny hair. Do you believe that your hair story gets over once you have bought hair from a hair supply store? Now, it needs your care in a following day. Just follow me with these 3 tips in daily life:

  1. Do remember that moisture is the hair’s best friend. Virgin hair may become dry easily since lack of hair nutrition from our human body. On the other hand, it is regarded as a protective layer for our natural hair. Just like an umbrella, keep our hair away from the dust and the sun. So it deeply needs moisture. Choose a good quality shampoo and conditioning products. It doesn’t need salon grade hair product. The best is the suitable one. When wash hair, do it in one direction, from top to bottom.
  1. Heat is properly the biggest enemy to virgin hair. Beauty like to change Brazilian straight hair into body wave at home. Most of the time they prefer to use the flat iron to finish it. However, it is necessary to make it under professional guidance, otherwise, your hair may lose its shiny due to too much heat. Just like the flat iron, the blow dryer is unfriendly to virgin hair. We recommend you to let your hair air dry as much as possible.
  1. Then go swimming, girls wearing hair bundles need to know how to take care of wet hair in the pool. At first, your hair is not easy to have fingers cross through since it is matted together. Try to be patient enough and brush it with a special extension-friendly brush.

To sum up, caring hair extension in summer plays an important role in daily life. It is all about small details. As long as you choose the right styling products, treat them like your own hair, you may be proud of your luxuriant hair.

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